Ten Podcasts for Good Health

Since I’ve been on a few, you’ll know that I enjoy listening to podcasts. If you like podcasts, too, and you’re also in the business of working to improve your mental and physical health, you’re in luck today. I’ve collated ten of my best podcast recommendations that might help you achieve better health in a myriad of ways.

The Body Kindness Podcast

This is a gentle anti-diet, fat-positive podcast with rad guests and lots of perspectives on how to heal from diet culture in different ways.

Therapy for Black Girls

This podcast is specifically aimed at women of colour and has something for everyone, exploring health, wellbeing, and personal development from the perspectives of pop-culture and psychology.

Disability After Dark

This podcast explores how to have a fulfilling, healthy sex life as a disabled person. Bubbly host Andrew Gurza explores how kink, love, being vanilla, queerness, and sex work all tie in to disability.

Therapy Chat

This explores wellness and emotional health from a psychotherapeutic perspective. Host Laura Reagan explores several different areas of mental health with different kinds of experts.

Friend of Marilyn

This podcast explores social and personal wellness with an aim of challenging stereotypes around fatness and health.

Meditation Minis

This features tiny little meditations on various topics that you can fit into your day for a moment of relaxation and focus.

The Meditation Podcast

This has longer guided meditations for when you have a bit more time to really chill out your body and mind.

Secret Dinosaur Cult

This is a comedy podcast about healing from daddy issues; how to be healthy in a fatphobic, queerphobic, misogynistic world; forgiving yourself and others; and also dinosaurs.

The Bilbcast

This is a podcast which is just a lovely orange cat purring for about half an hour. It’s INCREDIBLY soothing.

Food Psych Podcast

This is another anti-diet podcast with a focus on Health at Every Size and intuitive eating as a movement towards individual and societal body liberation.

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