Hello! I am Katy Lees!

Katy Lees is a queer, non-binary author and psychotherapist from the North East of England.

They got their start writing fiction and non-fiction for online journals while studying for their MSc in Person-Centred and Experiential Psychotherapy.

Their book, THE TRANS GUIDE TO MENTAL HEALTH AND WELL-BEING, is now available to buy from all good book shops!

This empowering self-help guide provides advice and strategies for trans and/or non- binary people on a range of common mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, body image, trauma, suicidal thoughts, and dissociation. It provides advice on neutralising negative thoughts, coping with transphobia, coming out, dealing with imposter syndrome, and implementing achievable self-care strategies and mindfulness techniques. Whether you are in a crisis or just looking for ways to improve your life, this reassuring guide is there for you to use in the way that helps you the most, regardless of where you are in your transition, or if you decide not to transition in conventional ways. Combining therapeutic expertise alongside first-hand experience, the book also highlights the importance of understanding and being proud of who you are, to help you live life to the fullest.

As well as checking out the blogs and updates on this website, you can follow Katy on Twitter and Instagram at @IAmKatyLees.

For enquiries, contact iamkatylees@gmail.com

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