Patreon Launch

I am exceptionally pleased to announce that I have launched a Patreon! I've been planning this since the start of the year, scheming and sweating over the best gifts and perks I can offer anyone who wants to support me monetarily. I'm very excited that this means I can release extra content, including a Patreon-exclusive … Continue reading Patreon Launch

Transforming Through Coaching, with Gem Kennedy

Meet My Coach My coach is Gem Kennedy, a transformational coach and Emotional Freedom Technique (otherwise known as 'tapping') practitioner. She's also an activist, ex-dieter, queer person, mum to free-range children, podcaster, and zinester. If all of that makes her sound really cool, that's because she is. Image description: Gem, who has plum-coloured wavy hair … Continue reading Transforming Through Coaching, with Gem Kennedy