Queers & Co Podcast

I’m delighted and excited to share my episode of Queers & Co Podcast with you!

The Queers & Co podcast is hosted by the lovely Gem Kennedy, with each episode featuring a different LGBTQ+ change-maker. It’s a great chance to hear queer folk chat candidly about self-empowerment, body liberation, and activism. You might also remember Gem from my post about what it’s like to have coaching!

In my episode, we chat about what it’s like to have burnout, life as a non-binary person of size, my upcoming book, and why you definitely deserve respect.

It’s such a privilege to join Gem in this episode, and to join the ranks of other incredible Queers & Co guests like Lindo Bacon, Dr. Charlotte Cooper, Chiron Stamp, and Lola Phoenix.

You can listen to the episode by clicking here!

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