The Best of 2019

The beginning of 2020 is just around the corner, so I thought I’d share the top ten most read pieces of my blog this year so we can reminisce together!

Image description: Me at the beginning of 2019. The unshaved side of my hair is long, with pink tips. My face is serious.

1. Mummy Grace Is Here to Cherish Your Little Side
This vintage piece was the most read on the blog this year. It’s an interview with Mummy Grace, who takes care of adult babies as her day job.

2. Five Things to Know About Those Cancer Research UK Adverts
Earlier this year, several adverts went up around the U.K. comparing being fat to smoking, and saying fatness causes cancer. This was my view on the subject (spoiler: fatness does not cause cancer).

3. Sometimes Trans People Suck At Sport
There’s this idea that trans people are taking over sports. We’re not, and also some of us really suck at sport, including me.

4. On Passing
This is a little introspective piece about the nature of ‘passing’ as your gender.

5. Stating the Obvious
Trans women are women. Non-binary people exist. People probably aren’t robots. I state the obvious about trans people in this one. (Note: I exclusively use they/them/their pronouns now).

6. Five Creators to Support on Patreon
There are some really cool people on Patreon, including me! You should check them out and maybe give them money, if you have any.

7. Friend of Marilyn
I was interviewed on this radio podcast, where I discussed how I’d rather see fat liberation than body positivity.

8. How to Work as a Life Model
Have you ever wondered how to make money by being art and also naked? Here’s my advice on how to do that!

9. Looking Fat
Another introspective piece, where I talk about how I learned to dress however I want, plus size clothing stores permitting.

10. Patreon-Exclusive – You Are Loved
This was an experimental video I recorded just for my Patreons. It’s about love!

Image description: Me at the end of 2019, with new hair – it’s shaved round the back as well as the side, and the unshaven side is blonder and shorter. My face is chubbier and I’m smirking a little.

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