Holiday Presents to Gift Yourself This Year

πŸŽ… Family – This is a good time to get together with the people you love, whether this is your biological family or your chosen family. Also, don’t feel pressured into spending time with people who do make you feel good, even if they’re ‘family’.

πŸŽ… Self-forgiveness – If you don’t have the money or resources to send gifts and cards this year, forgive yourself. It’s not your fault. People will still love your gifts of kindness, friendship, and time.

πŸŽ… Rest – You almost definitely don’t actively rest enough. I’m talking about actually having time off to do things that help you feel rejuvenated, calm, and energised. That looks different for everyone!

πŸŽ… Hope – The world outside is dark and cold, and a dickhead probably runs the country you live in. Things might be grim but there’s definitely hope. You can give yourself a little hope by giving it to others. Give what you can to your local foodbank, to Crisis, to RAICES, to Stonewall, and directly to the homeless.

πŸŽ… Permission – Give yourself the permission to spend this festive season however you want. What are you really looking forward to? Do that! What don’t you like about this time of year? Don’t do that! Eat as much as you want, wear whatever you want, and buy yourself a weird gift just for you.

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