Five Creators to Support on Patreon

CW: Discussion of transphobia

On the back of my Patreon launch I’ve been thinking about the amazing creators I subscribe to on that platform. So, without further ado, here are the four creators that I support on Patreon right now, with a special surprise celebrity guest at the end (spoilers: it’s me).

The featured image of this post was taken by Noel Heimpel, and all pictures belong to their associated artists in this article.

Noel Arthur Heimpel

Noel’s been working hard at creating comics and telling queer stories since way back during my misspent youth on Tumblr. Right now they’re working on a comic called The Thread That Binds, which is a story about chosen family and the power of books, told in their signature rich and colourful style. For the minimum donation amount you can preview the comic as it unfolds, months in advance of everyone else.
They’ve also created a gorgeous tarot deck called the Numinous Tarot, a deck full of colour and depictions of queer people. For their Patreon subscribers they provide tarot readings a few times a week plus a New Moon reading once a month

Their Patreon is here.

Riley J. Dennis

If you’ve ever accidentally stumbled onto the worst side of social media, you’ll have heard of Riley – their incredibly sensible views, including ‘Poor people deserve to be alive’ and ‘Non-binary people exist’, are maligned by bigots from all corners.
Her political work and travel blogs are a huge inspiration to me, as well as the gumption and kindness she shows while she continues her work.
Riley’s YouTube videos range from the political to the personal, and they’re always insightful and entertaining. This one is one of my favourites. As a Patreon contributor you’ll be part of a cool little community and get some say in upcoming content.

Their Patreon is here.

Goodnight Moon

Erin of Goodnight Moon makes atmospheric, cosy ASMR videos which are always gorgeously constructed and carefully considered. Even if you’ve never experienced ASMR tingles before, the videos are still soothing and beautiful.
My favourite videos are the Babblebrook series, an AMSR-based, episodic story about a faraway fantasy land. Witchy sisters, helpful innkeepers, absent-minded dragon-sellers, and eccentric tea shop owners all tell you stories and give you special attention with lots of ASMR triggers. I like to watch them just before bed and, when I really can’t sleep, I watch this. On Erin’s Patreon you can access special peeks behind the curtain.

Her Patreon is here.

Transphobes for Trans Kids

Graham Linehan used to write relatively funny sitcoms. Now he spends about 18 hours a day insulting and abusing trans people on the internet, so much so that he recently tried to take £50,000 away from Mermaids, a charity for transgender kids in need of support. Luckily he failed, but to this day he continues to be a washed-up, bigoted, mouldering sack of wet potato peelings.
This is why I’m delighted to offer my patronage to Transphobes for Trans Kids, who donate your chosen amount to the fantastic charity Mermaids every time @Glinner tweets 50 awful tweets about trans and GNC people. I’ve set mine to £4.20 because I thought ‘the weed number’ might annoy him. #ThanksGraham!

Their Patreon is here.

Katy Lees

Hello! It’s me!! You probably think it’s super cheeky to sneak myself in here, but it’s my website so I can ~*do what I want*~.
My Patreon is small but mighty right now, and I’d love some new patrons to share my work with. As well as this stellar blog content that comes fresh to you every Saturday, my Patreon offers an extra blog post, a monthly love letter of encouragement, a producer credit here on my website, and the chance to watch me give weird stuff to my fiancée every month.

My Patreon is here.

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