2022 Plans for The Book and Beyond

Hello, and happy 2022! I hope you’ve been having a restful, exciting January full of all the things you like. I’m quite excited to tackle this year, as I’m planning for lots of good things to come.

The Trans Guide to Mental Health and Well-Being is just under three months away from being released! It feels incredible that my debut book is coming out this year, and I’m planning some really cool things to show you before the book is in your hands. There’ll be giveaways, Q&As, launch parties, and loads of opportunities to say hi and get some cool stuff, The Trans Guide to Mental Health and Well-Being included! I can’t tell you how excited I am to share this experience with you.

As well as getting ready to release the book in to the world, I’m hoping to focus on catching up on my giant TBR pile this year. For the past few years I’ve been focusing my reading on anything that will make my book better, so my 2022 will be all about sci-fi, queer fantasy, and poetry. I’m hoping to write a little more fiction this year, too, as well as sharing some more non-fiction with you on this site and on my Patreon.

After a rough few years for all of us, I’m hoping to give you – and myself – as much as I can this year. Here’s to an excellent 2022!

My debut book, The Trans Guide to Mental Health and Well-Being, is available to order!

If you liked reading this piece of writing, please consider donating to this amazing fund! It helps Black people in the UK access free therapy.

If you’re still feeling generous, you can click here to become a Patron and see extra content!

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