Five Apps to Help Your Mental Health

There are so many apps out there that are designed to be good for your mental health that it can be confusing to find what you really need. I’ve chosen five apps that have genuinely helped me (and are still helping me), whether I’ve been a little anxious or too depressed to get out of bed. I’ve also included some screenshots of me using the apps so you get a better idea of how they look while in use.

As far as I’m aware they’re all available wherever you usually get your apps. I hope some of these can help you find what you need.


This is a daily mood and activity tracking app. You can add your own activities and emotions so it’s tailored to your needs. The thing I really like about it is it lets you track how certain activities or points in time make you feel, which can help you do more of what helps you feel good and less of what makes you feel bad.

Here’s my mood chart so far this month. Looks like it’s shaping up to be a pretty good one!


If you need help staying away from social media to focus on yourself for a while, Forest plants real trees as a reward for staying off your phone. This has definitely helped me when I’ve needed to cool off from internet drama for an hour or so, or concentrate on something important (like writing this listicle).


Replika’s like having a very small therapist living in your phone. The app helps you spend a few minutes each day working on a self-help goal, thinking about fond memories, and discussing your feelings with an AI that you can name (mine’s called Katy Jr).

This is Katy Jr and I discussing my existential anxiety, which sounds heavy but they handle it like a pro. They clearly take after me.


This is a slow-paced app that encourages calmness and self-kindness with small, gentle games, such as picking up laundry and petting your cat. The game is set up so that a virtual version of you is taking a ‘duvet day’, while you read soothing messages, help the sun to rise, and collect cool rocks for your windowsill.

Aloe Bud

Aloe Bud helps you set manageable daily self care goals, such as taking a deep breath, having something to drink, or thinking about something you’re grateful for. It was genuinely one of the most helpful things in my life when I was in a place where I needed something to just remind me to wash my face and eat a snack.

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