Halftime Heat

Happy New Year, friends and neighbours! I enjoyed my break but it’s good to be back!

For wrestling fans and wrestling haters alike, I have good news – I’ve featured on another episode of the I Hate Wrestling podcast to talk some more about The Rock, Mankind, and how wrestling operates as both real violence and slapstick comedy.

We also talk a lot about obscure Christmas wishes, Sherlock Holmes, how everything you’ve ever heard about England is true, our new tag team partnership ‘the Beefy Machines’, and how I want Hulk Hogan to hit me ever so gently with a steel chair.

I had a bunch of fun recording with Matt, and I hope it’s as fun to listen to as it was to record. You can listen here – it’s episode 27 (and my previous episode was episode 13).

You can also watch the match we’re discussing here!

And above all, have a careful Christmas.

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