Three Poems I Wrote when I was Eighteen

Hello! Here are three poems that I wrote and thought were great about a decade ago!

I’m not sure how I feel about them now, except that these are the closest thing to a time machine I’ll ever have. I spent a lot of time being sad, bi, and lovelorn when I was 18, and then writing poetry about that on my Livejournal. It really makes me appreciate being content, queer, and in a healthy relationship at 29.

Props to you for making it through and getting some maybe-decent poetry out of it, past-Katy.

Image description: A tree with no leaves is starting to bud again, producing some tiny white and pink flowers. The sky behind the tree is a very pale grey.

1. The Land of Green Ginger

It is dusk
And dust is blowing through the street,
Breaking on doorsteps
And rumbling over cobblestones,
Gasping at windows.

2. A Rocket

You belong in Shakespeare’s lines
With hardcore laughs and prog-rock stage.
You kick out in the foam of time
And sleep on desolation’s page.
You swing up to a shout of mine,
Defined in your humanity.
The form and pressure of my mind
Amps up the notes, calamity.
You are not afraid to fail.
I follow closely at your tail.

3. Untitled

If I looked you in the eye
     and made my
                  very clear,
would you come with me
leaving only
an unmade bed

Image description: This is a tiny street in Hull called The Land of Green Ginger. It’s a narrow street made up of tall, brick buildings, the most prominent of which is the George Hotel, which is white and black. Most of the other buildings are brown. There are pops of colourful flowers growing in window boxes.

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