A First Birthday!

This week marks my Patreon‘s one year anniversary!

Last year I launched my Patreon as a Valentine’s Day present to myself and to my readers. Since then I’ve used the platform to coax my fiancée into weird adventures, send personalised love notes, write about things I wouldn’t always write about on a non-exclusive platform, physically post doodles and snail mail to patrons, and trial new ideas like videos. It’s been challenging, it’s been fun, it’s been intense, and it’s been an incredible way to connect with you all.

Image description: a screenshot of a Patreon-exclusive article where I discuss the joy of the physical and emotional self-care that comes with piercings and tattoos. At the top of the screenshot is a photo of one of my tattoos. The tattoo is a black line work representation of a stylised skull with hearts for their eyes and nose. Above the skull is a stylised lightbulb with a heart-shaped filament, implying the skull is thinking loving thoughts.

If you’re thinking my Patreon’s birthday would be an excellent time to join as a patron (and it is!), I’m considering shaking things up a little and adding a tier for book updates, previews, and behind the scenes thoughts. If this is something you’re interested in, please get in touch and let me know so I can set things up!

Image description: a screenshot of a Patreon-exclusive YouTube video entitled ‘Let Me Be Ugly In Peace’, where I discuss the higher beauty standards that are expected of people who belong to minority groups. I – a non-binary person with thick black glasses, a nose ring, an untidy undercut, and a yellow jumper – am shown in the centre of the video, looking thoughtfully and frustratedly to the side.

I want to extend a special thanks to each of my patrons for their enduring support. You’re all the best and I love you!

Image description: a screenshot from a Patreon-exclusive piece in which my fiancée and I were challenged to eat a pack of random jelly beans and document the experience. The text shows I am wary of the ‘vomit’ and ‘booger’ flavours. The image at the top of the screenshot shows an open pack of open Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans with some beans on display.

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