Fat Cats & Body Positivity

If my excitable review of December’s offering from The Body Love Box prompted you to sign up for your own monthly subscription, or if you read to the very end of my review, you’ll be ahead of the curve on this one. For anyone else, here’s some good news for cat lovers and fat activists alike – my work has featured in January’s Body Love Box!

The Body Love Box is a fat-positive, LGBTQ+-affirming, monthly subscription box filled with products, art, coupons, writing, journaling prompts, and general treasures to help you feel good about your body. My work that features in this box is a fancy version of this article, an interview about my life and work, and several photos of me looking hot. The rest of the box has a ‘fat cat’ theme and, judging by the photos, the content looks adorable.

I’m exceptionally pleased to have been included in such a cool box. I didn’t know the theme of the box when I was told my work was going to feature in Januarys’ box and I’m very happy to be an honorary cat for the month.

You can buy the box here!

Image description: A cardboard box bursting with cat-themed body positive paraphernalia sits open in front of a dark background. Among the contents you can see a portion of a photo of my face, plus another piece of card with my name on it.

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