Mini Book Reviews, April – June 2019

Another three months have passed, which means I have another set of small but perfectly formed book reviews for you. My life as a therapist has gotten busy so I’ve had less time to read for fun, but I’ve still managed to tackle one book a month. Are you tempted by any I’ve read this time?

Sometimes I Lie, by Alice Feeney – This psychological thriller is a rollercoaster of betrayal, sisterhood, murder, and twisty turns. Told through the triple perspective of a woman in a coma, flashbacks to a few days before the accident that injured her, and a childhood diary, the story goes racing through the darkness and doesn’t let up. Despite its occasionally problematic view of mental illness I couldn’t put this book down, even through its slightly ridiculous epilogue. Spoilers, but please be mindful if you don’t like depictions of sexual violence.

Wicked Sweet, by Chelsea M Cameron – This is the wlw story of pastel girlboss Dove and the hot goth baker, Seven, who frustrated her in high school. Dove has to learn to work and play with her rival, with sexy results. This is a really cute story for both ‘pastel/goth f/f couple’ and ‘enemies to lovers’ fans. For me it suffers thanks to numerous typos and grammatical errors, but it was an enjoyable read that really made me want to bake cookies for my girlfriend. The romance is on point, so many kinds of lesbians and relationships are represented, and Seven is a highly-relatable love interest. Definitely recommended for a sweet read.

Year of Wonders: A Novel of the Plague, by Geraldine Brooks – This is a grim and captivating slow-burn of a historical fiction. Through a strong female lead character, the novel tells the tale of a real-life English village that quarantined itself to protect the rest of the country from the bubonic plague in 1665, and it does so beautifully for the most part, finding the beauty in darkness and vice versa. Sadly, the writing and plot take a nosedive in the last few chapters, and I was left disappointed. If you do choose to read this, I advise reading it out loud if you can do a passable Derbyshire accent.

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