Review – Into the Deep, by Amara Lynn

Lamark, the clumsy son of a notorious pirate captain, ends up betrayed by a mutinous crew and stranded on a tropical island. Along the way he rescues Yuvie, a cherubic but mischievous merman, a little piece of magic in a lonely situation. Meeting at the shoreline where the sea meets the sand, the two become closer and closer while Lamark works out how he will survive on an island where everything seems to think of him as food.

The storyline doesn’t make much sense but I’m not sure if that matters with this particular book. I feel that the main plot that emerges in the last half of the book doesn’t even need to be there – the core of the book is the relationship between Lamark and Yuvie and their struggle to communicate and survive. While the inevitable sex scenes may not be too spicy, they are sweet, adding a dreamy edge to the tropical romance unfolding.

This is a fluffy fantasy romance novella that should appeal to anyone looking for something a bit different. I enjoyed it as a quick read on a cold day, imagining the taste of starfruit and the sound of the ocean.

You can grab a copy for yourself here and follow the author here.

Thank you to Amara Lynn for the review copy. If you’d like to send me a book for review, I’m always happy to have something to read.

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