Review – A Romancing the Page Collection, by Laura Ambrose

For transparency – The first two books in the collection, A Hidden Hope and A Perfect Balance, were provided to me as review copies. I was paid to proofread the third book, An Unheard Song. I also did some light proofreading of the first two books as part of this collection. This hasn’t influenced my opinion on the stories, I won’t get paid any more if you buy these books, and I wasn’t asked by the author to review the third book or the collection.

If you’ve been waiting for me to review the next book after A Hidden Hope and A Perfect Balance, I’ve got a treat for you – the third in the series, An Unheard Song, is now available together with the first two novellas in a collection called Romancing the Page.

You already know my opinion on the first two books in this romantic, sexy, literature-based, f/f collection (and if you don’t, the TL;DR is that they’re pretty great). The so-far unreviewed third story is An Unheard Song, and it’s my favourite of the trilogy. It centres best-selling author Annalie and her assistant Cam, two minor characters from the first books. Together, they work through writers block, trauma, self-image issues, and their blossoming relationship in satisfying and steamy ways. There’s butch hair-dying, attempted violin-thievery, and hot sex-having, and it’s brilliant. The novella’s warm and sensitive handling of a character’s agoraphobia is a particular highlight for me.

As for the collection as a whole, the themes and characters combine in a way that seems narratively effortless, and the way each f/f relationship is different shines through. The typos I tripped over in the first two books are also gone (I hope, because it was my job to vanish them), making for a really smooth reading experience as you move through the linked plots. The individual novellas, while enjoyable individually, take on a new life when read as a collection.

You can read the collection in e-book and paperback. If you’d like to read Romancing the Page, you can do so here.

If you’d like to send me a book for review, I’m always happy to have something to read!

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